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Get simple and easy prices for your waste!

At RCK we make prices affordable for you and simple for us. For more information, get in touch with our team at 0800 138 9100.

  • All collections include a £29.95 booking fee (already taken off prices below)
  • How much rubbish do you have? We ask you to imagine them in bin sacks.
  • Add in any white goods, large items over 3m and furniture


8 bags of rubbish (£34.00) +  Bathtub (£44.50) + Booking fee (£29.95) = £108.45

Estimate your prices

What’s included for FREE!

  • No call-out fees
  • Added 20 minutes of labour time
  • No extra charges or hidden fees
  • Next day collection
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Council surcharges/taxes
  • All essential insurance
  • No parking or fuel costs
  • No charge for ground floor/inside jobs

Enjoy a 10% discount when ordering online!

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Additional Charges

With all bookings, we charge a fee of £29.95. This is NOT refundable.

Please note one bag of rubbish is equal to one black bin liner. Some waste we collect is classed as hard to recycle or hazardous by the Environment agency which reflects the additional charges below:

  • TV’s/monitors – £12.50
  • Tyres – £12.50 / Paint (up to six cans) – £12.50
  • Plasterboard – £15.00
  • VAT

Please note: Soil, concrete, sand, bricks, rubble and other heavy waste is charged by the metric tonne:

  • 2 cubic yards ( roughly the space 2.5 washing machines would take up) £90.00 plus VAT (Minimum attendance charge) 10 minutes loading time allowed.
  • 3 cubic yards £130.00 plus VAT
  • 4 Cubic yards (1/2 a standard builders skip or ½ a short wheelbase Transit equivalent) £170.00 plus VAT  15 minutes loading time allowed.
  • 6 Cubic yards £230.00 plus VAT 20 minutes loading time allowed
  • 8 cubic yards £280.00 (a level full builders skip or a full standard short wheelbase Transit). 30 minutes loading time allowed.

All prices are a guide only and will be subject to visual and physical inspection by the attending crew.

We are great value for money

For information about the cost of our rubbish clearance service, simply call or email us and we can give you a quote straight away!

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“Excellent service at short notice at my mum’s house in Tonbridge. She needed two large double beds and a wardrobe removed. They were helpful, courteous and speedy. They were also very mindful of my elderly mother I must add. Phoned at 11 am, work done by 3.30 pm. I will be recommending to everyone.”

Sandra Condliffe, Northfleet

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How big is a cubic yard?

But what exactly is a cubic yard and how can you work out how much space your rubbish clearance job will be needing to take up?

First of all, one cubic yard is the amount of space taken up by an object that is one yard long, one yard deep and one yard high or three feet by three feet by three feet if you prefer to use feet instead.

In other words, that is roughly the same size as two standard household washing machines or the same size as a household fridge-freezer, give or take a few inches.

We like to keep things simple, so try not to be too surprised if we start talking about washing machines when it comes to thinking about how much space we will need for your rubbish clearance job!

Keeping things simple, we know that it can often be easier to think in terms of household objects, so the space that a standard-sized sofa would usually take up, for example, is approximately two and a half cubic yards – so whether you prefer to think in washing machines or sofas, this should help simplify things.