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KRC Rubbish Clearance. Recycling Services

Kent Waste is a team comprised of specialist waste collection experts, as well as recycling specialists. We function across Kent in areas such as Sevenoaks (TN13), Strood (ME2) and Whitstable (CT5).

Contact us on 0800 138 9100 to see when we can collect domestic or commercial waste in your local area.

We are an environmentally responsible team and are registered waste carriers. Our aim is to recycle 100% of the rubbish collected. Wherever this isn’t possible we will dispose of the waste responsibly and efficiently in the ME15 area.


How does recycling work?

 In simple terms, recycling takes old goods and uses them for a new purpose. Items taken for recycling are converted back into raw materials to be used in the production of a new item or product.

For example, a cardboard object can be recycled to create new objects where cardboard is used as a component, eliminating the need to produce more cardboard from scratch.

For garden waste, organic matter simply needs to decompose in the right environment (not in a landfill) as the decomposition results in material that can be returned to the soil to improve its health.

By sifting through your waste for recyclables, we ensure that as many items as possible are reused in some form as a material source so that there is less reliance in sourcing new materials from the natural world.

What is the purpose of recycling?

The purpose of recycling is to make the most of materials that are no longer of use to the person or company who owns them by using the materials for other purposes.

Recycled material can be used in many areas such as production, agriculture and landscaping to ensure the original material does not go to waste. Any material that does go to waste will go to landfills.

We are great value for money

For information about the cost of our rubbish clearance service, simply call or email us and we can give you a quote straight away!

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