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Recycling, Renewing, Rewarding

Being green is the first step to changing the way you live, therefore changing the environment. Find out how.

You can Benefit others by donating your old equipment and materials to save the planet.

At Recycled Area, we solve two growing problems of modern times and in the process create equality and sustainability. Contact us.

  • the first problem we face is what to do with old equipment that can be recycled
  • and the second is, how do we ensure that the whole of society benefits.

It’s simple and rewarding

We collect any old materials that may be in your home:

  • where possible, renews it and returns it to the market at an affordable price, giving others the chance to participate in the recycling revolution
  • or we strip it and recycle the individual components of the materials

Sending your waste to a landfill site means tonnes of materials are not being recycled when they have the ability to. Find out what you can recycle here.

This can affect the sustainability of future generations.

Recycling service for both domestic and commercial properties

At Recycled Areas, we realise that many buildings can easily produce waste, that may or may not have the ability to be recycled.

We help provide those companies and businesses with a limited budget with a discounted recycling service, here at Recycled Area. Contact us for more information.