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Recent Study: 72% of Homeowners Dispose Recycling Waste in General Waste Bin in 2022


Over 72% of UK homeowners have admitted to using the wrong bin for disposing recycling waste this year

We can all admit, that not every piece of waste can be easy to distinguish whether it can be recycled or not.

Whether it’s big or small our first judgement may be just to throw it in the general waste bin!

Another potential reason could be just a matter of space! You may find that your recycling bin has been filled and you find yourself with an extra load of recycling waste – like most people may think, your next convenient place is the general waste bin.

Here at Rubbish Clearance Kent, we believe there is always a solution for your recycling waste – we are on hand to help dispose of or answer any question you may have about your waste.

Cost-effective and efficient waste removal 

We cover all areas within and surrounding Kent, some include:

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What the study shows:

The study was taken from a collection of data across the UK on the nation’s recycling habits.

According to Barratt Homes:  the findings from their study revealed that nearly three-quarters of people put recycling rubbish in the waste bin without knowing it can be recycled.

What can and cannot be recycled

Kitchen Roll
Carrier Bags
Bubble Wrap

The study also highlights the areas within recycling that homeowners are unfamiliar with and what can be done to help educate ourselves on how people can improve their habits – homes across the country can become a lot greener by simply being more aware of their recycling habits.

“By becoming more mindful of what and how we are recycling, a small change in household behaviour can make a huge difference across the nation”

Gareth Rondel, Barrett Homes

Recycling tips and tricks

We believe taking some time to understand recycling habits is important – our team have been doing this for years! And are professionals in knowing what can and cannot be chucked away in any waste removal job!

Here are a few tips that we think are a great start towards a greener home and getting rid of trash safely:

  • Make sure recycling waste is empty, dry and clean – always ensure that any waste you decide to chuck is free from any residue – nothing worse than finding junk with food still in it!
  • Remove any film – plastic film cannot be recycled, it can be a huge interference in the recycling process.
  • Keeping lids on bottles – lids are recyclable waste, however, when they aren’t attached to a bottle they can slip through recycling machinery.
  • Reduce and Reuse – reducing the amount of material that is used within the house is a good start, as well as, reusing items can help your recycling troubles.
  • Donate or sell – holding on to useless keepsakes can be a problem without you even knowing – Non-recyclable items such as clothes can be donated or sold, and you can put a smile on someone else’s face as well as become a whole lot greener!

We want to help!

We understand being able to keep on top of recycling can be a challenge and steps towards a greener home may seem far off.

Here at Rubbish Clearance Kent, we have a huge team of refuse disposal experts across Kent, so can we can arrive when you want, where you want and remove your rubbish efficiently and professionally with a same-day or next-day service. Plus – we can even be there in the hour!

We collect from local postcodes like TN1, CT10, ME4, DA1 and other surrounding counties and towns.

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