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How Your Business Can Lower Its Waste Costs

How your business can lower its waste costs

Whether you own a small or large business, the cost of disposing of waste could add up if it’s not dealt with, in times like these, finding affordable solutions to waste removal can be difficult.

That’s why many businesses use Rubbish Clearance Kent for their office waste removals, we provide a low priced and efficient removal services for businesses across Kent.

With many of our lorries on the road, we can get to you in within a few hours!

Why we are trusted by most businesses

  • Fast and secure bookings
  • Competitively priced across Kent
  • Environment Agency registered (CB/DU 212631)
  • In & out within an hour

What sets us apart

Here at Rubbish Clearance Kent, we understand that most businesses either cannot afford to handle their waste or may not have the time!

That’s why all our costs are extremely transparent, with no hidden fees, you can be assured that all waste will be disposed of at one price. Standard collections start from £40 See our prices page for details

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How you can get your FREE quote:

Send us a photo of your waste

Receive an instant quote

Book a time slot suited to you

We arrive and do the job

Educate your team

A great way to practice reducing waste is by educating staff on rubbish reduction, it can make a huge difference in reducing costs too.

Becoming more aware by providing bins that segregate waste actively promotes rubbish reduction across the whole business.

One of the first steps to lowering costs is by assessing the amount of your business is producing.

This way you can begin to understand what sort of what you are dealing with, in which you can then begin to search for ways to reduce and recycle.

One of the more common things that businesses can get wrong is by sending waste to landfills instead of recycling it, it can save a whole load of money as well as it being less damaging to the environment.

If you find that you struggle to find the time to do it yourself, consider using an office waste removal company like ourselves.

Get your business waste removed TODAY

No matter your budget, we provide rubbish removals suited to all kinds of businesses across Kent.

Getting a booking is as easy as one text with an instant quote.

Waste reduction FAQs

Minimising waste can enhance the reputation of your business towards customers and other businesses.

  • Go (nearly) paperless
  • Keep a paper recycling bin within arm’s reach
  • Print smarter
  • Reuse binders and file folders
  • Buy in bulk

Not dealing with business waste can increase costs and give a bad impression with customers

Promoting waste reduction can improve office safety, reduce liability, and enhance your business image

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