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The Guidelines to Recycling in Dartford and Maidstone


Recycling Dos & Don’ts

It is important to understand the recycling guidelines in your area. So, if you have recently moved to either Dartford or Maidstone you might have lost track of all that you need to do, you might need a reminder of the dos and don’ts.

It’s probably about time you refresh your mind on waste and recycling rules within these areas.

Recycling and waste management couldn’t be more straightforward with our guide!

However, we want to take the stress out of this, with us you don’t need to sort through the waste beforehand to determine what is and isn’t recyclable as we have that covered. Plus, did we mention when we collect your waste we aim to recycle as much as possible?

We cover Dartford and Maidstone as well as all surrounding areas within Kent. Get in contact so you can receive a free quote today!

Customer Testimony

"I recently hosted a large party that left me and my partner with a colossal clean-up job of various bits and bobs that included general and recycling waste. At first glance we had no idea what junk would require recycling and what didn't. Until we came into contact with Rubbish Clearance Kent, they were superb at removing all our waste efficiently while being courteous throughout the job. At a price of £275, they saved a whole lot of time and stress!! To the RC team , thank you 👍👍"
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Recycling in Dartford

Waste disposal and recycling are handled by a few council-run services. Homes within Dartford will include a 180L green wheelie bin, used for refuse items that cannot be recycled. 

These items include:

  • All food types
  • Wood 
  • Bottles (non-plastic)

As well to a green bin, you also are required a 240L grey recycling bin which can hold:

  • Any type of paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metal 
  • Plastic (bottles)
  • Pots, tubs, trays

Recycling in Maidstone

The Maidstone Borough Council set out clear instructions about what you can and can’t put in your bins.

Green bins are collected fortnightly and are used for recycling waste only. Make sure all the bottles and containers/tins are empty and place them into your recycling bin loose, without any plastic bags or sacks.

What can be included:

  • Glass jars/bottles
  • Plastic Bottles 
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Cans & Tins

The Black and Orange bin is used for food waste. You can dispose of all food in your food bin and it is collected weekly.

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When rubbish builds up in any home, it is often difficult to get rid of as they are too heavy or simply just a matter of not having the time to dispose of the junk.

However, our team at Kent Waste are fully prepared to do this for you in any environment.

We promise to respect your property and tidy up once the collection has finished, our loyal customers have used used for multiple years due to our great prices and time efficiency.

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